Ada • Singer Songwriter • • Strings • Horns •



Ada Pasternak is a chameleon—both musically and stylistically. Projecting girlish innocence at times and the sexiest, most diabolical of divas at others, Ada’s authenticity and musical mastery always and invariably shine through—connecting with her audience from the core of her soul.

Ada is the eternal chrysalis—forever emerging from her cocoon to reveal new, exotically beautiful music. Graduating from prestigious Berklee College of Music on a full scholarship, Ada’s smoldering interpretations of jazz and pop belie her roots as a Russian-born child prodigy and classical violinist.

In addition to being a world class violinist, Ada’s true passions are songwriting and singing. Her own, hit-bound compositions range from raw funk to poignantly eloquent soliloquies, including a signature country/ bluegrass-inspired ballad that you would swear was born in the heart of Appalachia—had Ada not written its catchy melody and heartfelt lyrics, herself.

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