Steven Roth • Classic Rock •



STEVEN ROTH… With a sound that dances on the fine line between popular music and rock, he’s got both the musical chops and the feel-good aspect to bring a glowing pop sound to the contemporary stage.

After enjoying relative success as pop rock ‘Redstone Hall,’ lead songwriter and frontman Steven Roth decided to go it alone, handpicking his crew to back his new musical endeavor. Roth’s debut album, “Let It In”, released in January 2013, infuses classy savoir faire into vibrant rock. The resulting sounds are dynamic and diverse, and a clear reflection of Roth himself. A singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist, Roth is a vessel of musical knowledge and abilities, having paid homage to the heroes of the rock n’ roll timeline. With roots in the classics and an eye on innovation, Roth’s sound is a refreshing combination of pop-rock, soul, funk, and blues, filled with melody, mood, energy, and honesty. His musical approach is entirely organic, and it’s this sense of purity that sets Roth apart.