Autumn Leilani • DJ •



Born into the arts, Autumn Leilani has spent her lifetime creating a world of beauty, music, dance, art, positivity, truth, reality, escape, love and adventure. From a very young age her days have been devoted to writing and producing music, singing, stage designing and DJing. Surrounded by every type of music has allowed her to become diverse in all of her creations. Autumn has spent many years traveling all over the United States performing as a DJ/singer for events, clubs, bars and festivals. She plays many styles of music with a collection of over 100,000 songs updated weekly, but finds her main love for house music accompanied by live instruments. She has played along side of horns, strings, pianists, drummers, guitarists and vocalist (herself included).

Music genres include:
Deep house, Indie Dance, Deep Cuts, Lounge, Funk/Soul, Rock, Oldschool Hip Hop, Downtempo and many more.

Few venues she has performed at are:

● W Hotel: LA
● Hilton: Beverly Hills
● American Idol
● LA Fashion Week
● Adidas sports wear: New product launch parties
● Viper Room: West Hollywood
● Confidential: Beverly Hills
● Pure: Las Vegas
● Sheraton: Carlsbad
● The Standard: LA
● Dim Mak: Hollywood
● Casbah: San Diego