Beatroots “Beatles Tribute” • Tribute | Cover Band •



The Beatroots was formed in the spring of 2006 as a request from Laguna Beach’s world famous Festival of Arts. The festival was looking for a band to play Beatles songs on their music stage every Sunday afternoon the following summer. They contacted lead singer & guitarist Jason Feddy, who brought the players together and formulated the show. The show was a tremendous success – it ran for six incredible years, increasing the gate many times over.

The Beatroots are a different kind of “tribute” band. They don’t dress up, they don’t wear wigs. They play the songs of The Beatles in their own, inimitable style, staying close to the original, but improvising when the feeling takes them. This makes for a truly energetic and alive experience for both the musicians and the audience. Not a dreary copy-cat, but a real, organic living tribute.

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