Dj Ariana Gravilis • DJ •



Born and raised on the East Coast in a small town, Ariana spent most of her early years helping out at her family’s diner. There, she was captivated by the wide variety of songs from every era constantly flowing out of the old-fashioned jukeboxes. This developed her love for all kinds of music at a young age. With 10 years of classically trained ballet under her belt, she was instilled with a feel for rhythm and timing. Furthering her love for music, she formed her own band at 18 years old. For the next five years, she performed as the lead vocalist at over 150+ shows each year, all while writing and recording her own original music. As a newcomer to LA, Ariana is already on the rapid rise to becoming one of LA’s next best party DJ’s, always bringing her fun-loving energy and professionalism to the next level. Her capabilty of rocking on turntables or CDJ’s, as well as her knack for embodying all genres and tempos of music gives her a uniqueness that goes unmatched.