Dj Christina Leorosa • DJ •



Although a house and techno head to start, Christina Leorosa glides effortlessly between genres in a constant search for a sound unique to the vibration of her musical soul. With a diverse taste and a preference to classify songs by mood rather than genre, she seduces any crowd in front of her with music that will speak to their souls and get their bodies moving!

With multiple ongoing residencies under her belt in Southern California and a history of gigs throughout Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New York City, San Francisco and other cities across the country, one thing is for certain…she’s not slowing down.

When she isn’t tirelessly hunting for the most moving tracks across all genres and styles (yes, dance music and BEYOND) , Christina spends her spare time on projects like The Athena Collective, an organization she founded in 2014 to empower women in the music industry and beyond. She can play all genres of music.