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When there’s a need for an energetic, memorable event, DJ Kromatic always rises to the occasion. Whether he’s rocking the decks inside Northern California’s hottest nightclubs, sharing the stage with live performers, or winning over guests at high end private events, his ability to elevate the crowd comes natural and leaves them wanting more.

What began as a hobby and passion for music, Djing has increasingly become essential to the life of Kromatic. From the humble beginnings of spinning at house parties and school dances, he has quickly grown in the Northern California nightlife scene thanks to an effective skillset, and ability to connect with audiences from different backgrounds. He has also made great connections in the private entertainment sector, providing DJ services for Weddings, Barmitzvahs, Corporate Events and more. Every week brings a new set of experiences, opportunities, and challenges for Kromatic, and every week he remains up to the task.