Francois Dean • Soul •



Francois Dean believes that he has a purpose to affect the world through his music. Music has always been an integral part of his life, as Francois grew up in a family of singers and musicians in numbers enough to form their own choir.
Francois’ great grandfather, George Beck, an incredible keyboardist, was steadily sought after by B.B. King, but for religious reasons of those times he chose not to enter the secular music industry. Francois’ mother is an incredible songstress herself and currently leads the music staff at her church. “I remember singing with my siblings whenever Mom wanted us to,” recalls Francois. “When I was 16 I turned my attention to the piano and one day found myself wandering into the music room at school and was encouraged to join the school choir. Combing the piano with my vocal skills allowed me to unlock the music and words that were in my head. I was encouraged to expand to all types of music and started to develop skills faster than anyone expected. To enhance my vocal and songwriting abilities I began listening closely to artists like Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel, Marvin Gaye, Take 6, Sly and the Family Stone, Brian McKnight, Donnie Hathaway, George Benson and many others. To expand my skills as a musician and arranger I listened to recordings with authentic instruments. No matter the style, I just listened. The most important distinction for me is that I now realize I have a gift, and that there is a gift giver, and without the gift giver there is no Francois.”

Francois has toured overseas accompanying other mainstream artists on the piano, “…and I have to say it is an honor to interact with other artists and cultures. I will always love playing for other artists, but I feel it is now the season to do my own album.” Francois’ music encompasses many different genres of music including Jazz, R&B, Soul, funk, Pop, Gospel, and even Classical.

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