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The music of South and Central America, Spain and Middle East are esthetically represented in this acoustic instrumental collection, reflecting the collaboration and musical inspiration of two superb guitarists song writers: Waldo Valenzuela and Alfredo Cáceres.
The album Hispanica is an eclectic collection of Latin rhythms from Chile, Brazil, Spain, and Caribbean Latin America, with an innovative and well infused jazz, and pop overlays that make the collection endlessly engaging and interesting to listen to. The Latin influences, coupled with nylon guitar styles, beautifully places this collection in a unique guitar world music genre.
Many noteworthy artists have collaborated in making this album, including the acclaimed Guitarist Jorge Strunz from the Strunz & Farah duo, the French Gypsy singer from the Reyes Family George Reyes. Jazz Guitarist Micheal O’Neill and Oud player Dimitris Mahlis to mention a few.