DJ HKEK plays open format from lounge to top40, playing all music from chill to upbeat.

From Burning Man to Wonderland to Coachella and deep house clubs, Orange County native Chris Long has been immersing himself into his diverse catalogue of original productions and DJ mixes while spinning more than just another passing dance trend sound.  As he says, “In a world full of disposability, I don’t even want to try to compete. I just want to play music from my heart that’s full of quality and depth and integrity.”

True to his house-challenging roots, Long’s mixes have gained igniting attention, and all part of his on-going plan to turn the masses into the most forward, challenging house grooves — all while rocking the party.
With 15 years of extensive house history behind him, you can catch him whipping up main-stage audiences at some of the world’s biggest festivals — or dropping deep and dirty sounds in the most discerning underground clubs.
Throughout his career, Long has always been as much a vanguard as a record spinner. He has watched as a new breed of deep house has swept dance music yet refuses to conform, tirelessly pushing his own envelope further and further into his own dynamic deep house brand that is as complex as it is unpredictable. You never quite know what you’re in for when you press play on an HKEK release, but you know it’s going to be damn good.
Weaving intricate melodies with driving bass lines in forward-thinking arrangements, Long continues to create a continually shifting sound while upping his live performances and standout studio work without that formulaic air.
He may not be the loudest voice in the community, but don’t be fooled. In a genre rife with ghost-produced DJs and yawn-inducing producers, Long is determined to cement his brand in the hearts and ears of a new wave of listeners.  “So many DJs are only focused on themselves,” Long says, “but it’s about the future, where music is headed, and looking out on that horizon and creating it.”
Every DJ has a story, but Long’s is short and simple: He plays music because he loves it, and his family lies squarely at the heart of it. While other DJs are driven by adulation, the driving force for Long is his wife and kids and he’s not afraid to say it. It’s about the future, after all, and creating the next scene and sound for his kids is what motivates Long to keep pushing the envelope.
By refusing to accept conventional standards and instead choosing to do his own thing, Long not only is building a kinetic reputation as one of the new house pioneers but as the hottest DJ daddy on the decks.  “So many people come up to me and say, ‘Man, you blew me away,’ and that’s the best thing. But blowing my kids away is even better!”