Katelyn Benton • Piano • • Singer Songwriter •



Granddaughter to professional concert pianist, Katelyn Benton was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and took to the piano immediately. Sparked by her Grandmother’s influence, but fueled by her own love of music, Benton began lessons after tirelessly pleading to her mother. Following a move to Colorado, Benton continued to study classical piano throughout elementary, middle and high school, picking up an interest in performing and writing contemporary music along the way. In January 2016 Benton was featured on the premier of Fox’s SuperHuman for her musical ear, and ability to hear music by only watching a pianist’s hands (and not hearing a note). Benton continues to work as a studio and live musician and as a professional composer and songwriter. She resides in Silverlake with her fiance’ Nabeel, her lovebird, Charlie, and her 87-year-old piano, Bertha.

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