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One of the features of our Mariachi that have made us so successful is that we incorporate music from both worlds: Hispanic and Anglo. That way, even after several hours of Mariachi music, people still enjoying with us because they understand the lyrics of the songs. So no one feel left out.

Same as with our Latin Band, if we don’t know your favorite song yet, let us know the title and we’ll have it ready for your event.

In order to fit your budget we offer you a duo, trio or more pieces mariachi. You can choose from a wide variety of musical colors: soprano and tenor, 2 tenors, etc…

Probably one of our most unique qualities is that since we have both Mariachi and an Andes music band, we can perform for you combining both for the same price! If you are SouthAmerican, or just Andes music lover we have the perfect combination for you!

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