Michael Battista • Latin | World •



The development of Battista’s unique style is a result of a lifetime of diverse and numerous musical influences.  Battista’s musical journey began at a very early age.  Growing up in a talented Italian musical family meant that he was always surrounded by music.  His father played the accordion in his own band, which exposed him to Latin, Italian, and American jazz standards.  From the time he was two years old, Battista could not only hear music, but also feel it in a very deep way as he would sing to the radio as early as two years old.  At three years old he got his first piano and by the time he was five he would also play the drums to his father’s accordion during rehearsals.  At age eleven, Battista was ready to master an instrument.  His father suggested that he play the saxophone, and after taking lessons for only six months, Battista began playing the sax at Sicilian weddings in his father’s band.