Otis Redding III • Soul •



A rich family legacy. An enduring name that has been embedded in the hearts of millions around the globe. A history of solid performances for fans in both the United States and in Europe. Not many performers today have such advantages like Otis Redding III. Legendary soul singer Otis Redding Jr. left his son with a musical heritage that extends far beyond the hit records for which he is famous for. Indeed, Otis Redding III has been bestowed with his father’s unique musical gift, and for the past 21 years has put this talent to good use by not only touring and performing but also writing and arranging since the early 80s. An accomplished and recognized artist in his own right, Otis Redding III grew even more as a musician and performer touring with his band The Reddings. However, he didn’t realize until much later in his career that it is truly his father’s talent that pulses in his veins.

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