Willow Stephens • Singer Songwriter •



Willow Stephens is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA. The Montana native spent the first several years of her career performing as a solo act in and around the coffeehouses of Seattle. Stephens has strong roots in jazz and folk music and is also a classically trained pianist and vocalist. She brings an eclectic mix to the table but an effortless voice and carefully crafted lyrics weave them all together. She released her debut EP in May 2017.

It wasn’t until she met hip-hop artist Andy Mineo that she began to stray from her purely acoustic sound. After writing and collaborating with Mineo and others in the hip-hop sphere Stephens began to experiment with more electronic and R&B elements. Ready to embrace this new fusion of genres she signed on to Mineo’s artist collective Miner League Co in 2016.